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Minnesota Woman Loses $150,000 While Taking Abilify

Publish Date : 05/24/2016

A new NBC News report notes that the US Food and Drug Administration has recently warned consumers that popular anti-psychotic drug, Abilify, may cause compulsive behaviors. These behaviors can include compulsive sex, gambling addiction, and uncontrollable shopping among others. One Minnesota woman learned this the hard way. After being prescribed Abilify to deal with her depression, Denise Miley found herself making more frequent trips to her local casino. Eventually it got so bad that she started missing work and ended up losing over $150,000. All of this happened in just five months.

In May, the FDA approved a new warning alerting doctors and patients of this potential side effect. This warning came too late for Miley who was never warned of Abilify’s potential for causing compulsive gambling. Experts are now saying that the drug is probably over-prescribed due to the harm that it can cause.

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