State and federal laws provide consumers protection from false and misleading advertising and unfair and deceptive business acts and practices. Unfortunately, many entities are using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to not provide goods and services consumers have already paid for; as a result, the stress, anguish, and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 virus is compounded.

Did you pay in full for dorm rooms, meal plans, activity fees, graduation fees, etc.? Has your college or university closed its campus as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Has your college or university cancelled an activity you already paid for? Did you pay for a class that is unable to be conducted online? Is your college or university refusing to refund the money you already paid? Is your college or university only providing a partial refund? Is your college or university unclear about what it plans to do with money it already collected?

McSweeney / Langevin is interested in hearing from parents and students who paid colleges and universities in full for activities and services the university is unable or unwilling to provide.

McSweeney / Langevins position is simple. Consumers are entitled to 100% of what they paid for. If the seller is unable to provide 100% of the goods or services, then the consumer should receive a refund. Unfortunately, many colleges and universities believe they can keep parents and students money despite the fact it is not providing what it promised to provide.

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