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St. Jude Riata Lead recall attorneys Rhett McSweeney and David Langevin are providing free legal consultations to individuals and families injured or harmed as a result of the St. Jude Riata Leads.
The leads are the subject of a Class I FDA Recall. 1-800-888-4425.

St. Jude Riata Lead Recall Lawyers

St. Jude's Riata defibrillator lead -- a wire that connects the lifesaving device to the heart -- fails at a much higher rate than previously thought and has been recalled by the FDA. The Riata Lead recall is a Class I recall, the most serious form of recall.

Risks / Side Effects of the Defective / Recalled St. Jude Riata Lead

  • A heart defibrillator with a defective / recalled St. Jude Riata Lead lead may prevent the device's ability to save the person's life;
  • A defective / recalled St. Jude Riata Lead may cause unnecessary shocking;
  • A defective / recalled St. Jude Riata Lead may interfere with the cables' ability to detect any rhythm problems in the heart; or
  • A defective / recalled St. Jude Riata Lead may either prevent necessary shock therapy or cause unwanted shocks.

FDA Recalls St. Jude's Riata Leads Due to Failure

The FDA has classified the St. Jude Riata Lead Recall as a Class I recall because of the potential risk of serious injury or patient death if affected devices malfunction. Our Riata lead attorneys

The Riata Lead Attorneys of McSweeney / Langevin are helping individuals who received the following Recalled / Defective St. Jude Riata Leads

Products: Riata and Riata ST Silicone Endocardial Defibrillation Leads

Riata Lead Model / catalog / lot numbers:

Riata (8F) Silicone Endocardial Defibrillation Leads

Models: 1560, 1561, 1562, 1570, 1571, 1572, 1580, 1581, 1582, 1590, 1591, 1592

Riata ST (7Fr) Silicone Endocardial Defibrillation Leads

Models: 7000, 7001, 7002, 7010, 7011, 7040, 7041, 7042

Did You or a Loved One Experience Any of The Above Symptoms or Injuries from a Recalled / Defective St. Jude Riata Lead?

Please feel free to contact one of our St. Jude Riata lead lawyers at 1-800-888-4425.  If you prefer, use the form to the right, one of our Riata lead attorneys will evaluate your claim and contact you shortly.  Thank you.

FDA Riata Lead Safety Comunication: Premature Insulation Failure in Recalled Riata Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Leads Manufactured by St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Riata and Riata ST leads connect an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) to the heart in order to monitor heart rhythms. ICD's can detect life-threatening heart rhythms and deliver an electrical shock from the ICD through the lead to the heart. ICD leads typically have layers of insulation that protect electrical conductor wires inside the lead.

Riata's manufacturer, St. Jude Medical Inc., recalled these leads on Nov. 28, 2011, due to premature erosion of the insulation around the electrical conductor wires, known as insulation failure. St. Jude Medical stopped selling these leads in late 2010 but more than 227,000 Riata leads had been distributed worldwide. According to St. Jude Medical, as of 2011, approximately 79,000 Riata leads remained implanted in patients in the United States.

Lead insulation failure may cause the ICD lead to malfunction. ICD lead malfunction may cause abnormal sensing or pacing, or delivery of inappropriate or no shock therapy, which could result in serious adverse events, including death.

The majority of Riata and Riata ST ICD leads, including those that show signs of electrical conductor migration or externalization on imaging, continue to function electrically and provide life-saving support. However, the FDA is concerned that Riata and Riata ST leads that show insulation abnormalities on imaging may be at greater risk of future electrical failure.


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St. Jude Medical Communication
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